Newsletter and Upcoming Events

We hope your family, friends, and social groups will attend our wonderful facility sometime this year. At LIC, we believe in our mission statement , to "Create a Christ-Like Atmosphere, that is Safe, Clean, and Fun!" We hope you will come and enjoy the celebration of these wonderful holidays with us.

In order to continue to GROW HOCKEY IN LEXINGTON it takes a group effort. Here are some of the things I have going that I want to partner with coaches and groups/teams etc.

We have 60 kids in our Learn to Skate Hockey Program preparing for Developmental!!!

1) Remember we have a Learn to Skate Hockey Program on Monday & Wednesday 6-7pm, Saturday 10-11am .

2) Let me know if I can provide you with flyers, bumper stickers, pins, literature for your teams.


June Warta 619-6228

Don't forget about our gyms this time of year! We have 3 full court basketball floors. They can be used for volleyball, basketball, soccer, and just about anything you don't want to do in the cold. Check with Dennis for times and availability.