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Monday Classes 6-7pm

Tuesday Home School Classes 1:30pm

TuTu's n' Trucks Tuesdays 2:00pm

Saturday Classes 10-11am

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 Session #1 Monday, August 7th - Saturday, September 16th

Session #2 Monday, September 18th - Saturday, October 28th

Session #3 Monday, October 30th - Saturday, December 9th 

Session #4 Monday, January 8th - Saturday, February 17th

Session #5 Monday, February 19th- Saturday, March 30th

Session #6 Monday, April 1st - Saturday, May 11th

Session #7 Monday, May 13th - Saturday, June 22nd

Session #8 Monday, June 24th - Saturday, August 3rd

Classes Come with Rental Skates

June Warta Skating Director (859) 619-6228


 (859) 619-6228

Our weekly classes offer fun, friendship, and new skating skills. Classes run for six weeks, but you can join in at any time! Classes meet once per week and feature a thirty minute instructional period followed by a thirty minute practice session. Rental skates are provided with your tuition. Classes are divided by age, ability, and level. Awards are earned upon passing each level. We recommend light layers, gloves and long socks.

 The cost is $126.00 for six weeks of FUN!

 6% KY. sales tax applied at checkout.

 Discount Program: First Student is $126.00, Second $121.00, Third $116.00, Fourth $111.00, Fifth $106.00.

 We focus on joy, enthusiasm & confidence building. Monday, Tuesday & Saturday classes offer all levels and ages on the ice at the same time. This convenience allows siblings and parents to take classes during the same hour. Tuesday TuTu's n' Trucks is a Pre-School Ice Skating Program for young children. Class comes with a Tutu and matching hair piece and truck novelties for boys.

Our courses lay a strong foundation in glides, stops, turns, edges, & forward  & backward crossovers. Progressive skating skills focus on technique, strong mastery of maneuvers, & complex transitions, used in hockey & figure skating.

You'll love learning with us!

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